Desire Is Where the Heart Lies

Written By: Sapphire and Demez

Her Words

Searing heat coursing through my veins, the thirst is real and the hunger never sleeps and its been 4 hrs 33 mins and 21..20…19 seconds since my last fix, this writing shit ain’t no joke. It’s invades my sleep, torments my mind, makes love to my soul in a way no one ever could and yet I’m sitting in this corner trying to resuscitate the contents of my talent as it lies dwindling in the balance…

The one I thought would never leave, the love that I knew would stand by me no matter what. The one that I told my secrets to now lay depleted…my heart… my everything… my writing.

His Words

Desire, I often wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have so much desire. If I didn’t want what I don’t have so much. There are moments when I can taste it, when I can taste her, when I close my eyes and I could swear on a Bible she’s siting on my lap. Then I open them and there’s just me, there’s just this iPhone full of numbers I don’t really call and memories.

Her Words

My desire is to pour the contents of my soul unto my cold, sterile pad and induce its labor; watch it give birth to my visions, hopes and dreams….to HIM. Seeing my own words verbalize my longings and watching them come to fruition makes “HIM” that much more tangible; a description or a thought away. I’m not a verbal person when it comes to my heart but I need, I love, I want and those things seems to manifest only when I’m honest with my paper and pen; that’s why it’s so dire that I not lose this connection…my connection to him, to happiness, to being so close yet so far away.

His Words

Desire, my desire doesn’t only live in the memories of the loves past. My desire also lives in the present, in every smile of every pretty face that friendzones me. My desire lives in every tight pair of jeans and short skirt that teases me. Thighs that sit on the edge of barstools like mini reminders that my desires will not be met tonight.

You want to know a secret, I tell the world it’s self control, I tell readers that waiting for love and marriage is the only way to be happy sexually, is the only way to curve your desire. That’s bullshit! Desire will eat you alive from the inside out, lying in bed, tipsy enough to be tired but not drunk enough to sleep desire will molest your mind.

Her Words

I write from the desire to be one step closer to that feeling of all consuming, overwhelming, impossible, can’t live without it moments that I’ve only seen. Those that I’m too afraid to write about for fear that I may not be ready for what that could possibly feel like. Those nights when I lie in bed with my pad right beside me, only a word away from him, from “hi” ;a sentence away from a feeling that I’m too nervous to write but I desire it all the same.

His Words

Mistaking desire for love isn’t what my heart wants but how is my heart supposed to know the difference? Are they the same thing?

I am not a poet, I can’t put pretty words together and make them rhyme or come up with cute catch phrases. All I can do is bare my soul in my writing and hope it relates. It’s the same way I am with women, I know I’ll never be Reggie Bush or Eldris Elba but I get the most out of this humor and mind of mines and hope that desire arises from that.

Her Words

I write a place in my heart where I’m not afraid of vulnerablilty, of knowing that I was ready at some point and at some moment to be that that I didn’t know I desired or even wanted and knowing that I desire it still. Its still as real to me as my next heartbeat and therefore I can’t stop writing, can’t stop believing that at some moment the courage will come for me to say that I’m ready.

His Words

There’s no greater feeling than knowing that someone loves you just as much as you love them. That they desire every single aspect of what you’re offering just as much as you desire giving it to them. Desire is not a game, when you’re dealing with forevers the stakes are high!

Her Words

I write in hopes that every word is like water to my dehydrated situation restoring the respect an desire to nuture the talent that I took for granted…that every syllable brings me closer to a destiny that is not so far beyond my reach. I write so that my desire to love is no longer a figment of my imagination but a reality that I embrace whole-heartedly.

I write so that I can understand the true meaning of desire, of what it takes to want something so badly that its the only reality I know.I write because my desire won’t allow me to do anything else.


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