Corporate Woman Appreciation Day

dress naked My name is Demez and I’m here for made up internet days. I can be a very serious man at times and that gets sort of tiring if I’m being honest. I like social media, I like interacting with strangers from the comfort of my home or work. I like being stressed and tired and taking fifteen minutes to look at women I’ll never meet in real life or comment on stories that won’t matter to my family or personal life.

We live in this society where everyone is too cool for everything. If you comment on too many FB post, you must not be working. If you post too many pictures on Instagram you can’t be dating. If you tweet a lot, you must not go out.

Today I came across a hashtag on twitter that was “Corporate Girl Appreciation Day.” Wondering what it was I clicked on it and came across several women sharing pictures of themselves in their corporate chic clothing.

Modest but sexy heels, pencil skirts that were fitting just right, blouses that were a button away from getting her a free lunch. I must have looked at twenty pictures and I commented on most of them because I appreciate women that take pride in what they wear to work.

One woman said, “I have large breast so I always have that top button dilemma, it’s comfortable to leave top buttons undone but these girls get way too much attention so I try to compromise by buying my blouses just a size bigger.” It was cute to me what women have to do just to be cute and taken seriously.

Whenever I date someone I always ask for pictures, now at first I know she’s looking at her phone like, “Here goes another one, I’m not getting naked in your iMessages.” But I can go to my saved pics for that. I like “I think I look cute at work today restroom pics.” “I’m sitting in traffic but my makeup is on point selfies.” “I know these older women at my job will hate but this skirt is fitting right pics.” Don’t post them for the world, send it to me. That’s why I love Corporate Women.

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