Fall Love 101

06spa I’m a romantic…
Forty seven degree nights and hot chocolate
Coats and jackets that stop just above your thigh

Boots that scream “touch me, lick me, fuck me”
Sweaters that hug your chest, jeans that grip your ass
Windy days that get ignored because of the heat we create

Your arms wrapped around my neck; my arms wrapped around your waist
Late nights and early mornings because going to sleep means you’re not here
Pumpkins and costumes that leave very little to the imagination
Costumes that make for great pictures, especially when you take the ones that are “just for me”

Rainy days that turn into sick days at work
Friday day trips that turn into weekend trips because getting out of bed isn’t an option
Body heat and muscle control

Patron and strawberries
Strawberries and Ciroc
Orange juice and Moet

Your eyes burning a hole thru me
My eyes eating you alive
Our eyes speaking more than our mouths ever could

Lips that are sore from kissing
Lips that are sore from getting kissed
Lips that are ready to be kissed

Scarves and gloves at Miller Outdoor Theatre
Sweat pants and hoodies on the balcony
My tongue on your neck
Your voice floating in the air

Walking Down the Aisle
Conversations Between Adults
You cumming to my words

Fall Love 101 is about all the things I think about when I think about touching you
All the things I think about when I think about this amazing season
Everything I want and everything I need

I’m no good alone, I’m driven by Passion… Inspiration… Lust
Say goodnight to someone tonight; not a text or a tweet
But call them and say goodnight; there is nothing like hearing a woman’s voice before bed

It’s what I miss most…

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