All Men and Women Aren’t Created Equal… But Deserving None the Less

All men and women are not the same, they will touch us in different ways. Some will be replaceable in days, some it may take years. Just know what you have when you have it.

I admire the way Dr. King, Jesus and Socrates looked at the world. The saw the best in everyone, thought that everyone was equal from birth. And if you look at the world in a broad sense they were right. We all deserve basic rights.



Freedom of Religion and Speech.

The idea that a 14 year old girl can be gunned down on a bus for wanting an education isn’t logical or human. But today on this beautiful Friday in Houston, Texas I’m not talking about basic human rights.

I’m writing about the women that men fall for, the women that deserve my time, money, respect, patience, love, tongue, lips, smile and most importantly my words. All women just aren’t created equal and the truth is everyone knows it but sometimes it’s just not politically correct to say it. If you’re pretty as hell, work at a job…

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