Daddy’s Home

Taking a sip of scotch, watching her dance in the middle of our bedroom. No music, no stage, but her face so serious. Her hips and eyes so fucking serious. Stepping closer putting her finger in my mouth I sucked, she took that same finger and slid it inside her panties. Offering it to me again I sucked harder, this time picking her up and sitting her on my lap.

“I tried to make them go to bed three times and each time they would just sneak back down to wait on you.”

What was supposed to be a two day trip turned into a week. I try not to make promises to them I can’t keep but last night I promised I’d be home today. It was worth it, coming home to them knowing they were warm and safe and happy.

“Julian is going to say it was his idea to come down here but you know it was Emma.”

Picking Julian up, carrying him to his room it felt like he’d grown a foot in just a week. Even when they slept they had to be in matching pajamas. Standing in the door, watching him sleep I could hear them fussing. I know a lot of it was my fault, I never took our daughters side but I…

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