He’s What You Want… I’m What You Need

He’s safe and nice and maybe he’s a good guy but he can never turn you on the way I can. He can never make you want to be a better woman because he doesn’t have it in him to push you. We make each other better and that’s why I’ll always be in your heart like you’re always in mine.


Love-sex-and-sexuality-30837383-500-332.jpgHe tells you he loves you because you’re beautiful, because you look good on his arm. Because he’s never dated a woman that was as well rounded or witty or sexual. I tell you I love you because I mean it, because we complement each other, because I don’t have to try and make you smile… it just comes natural when we’re around each other.

He thinks your favorite restaurant is the most expensive one he can afford. A steak or lamb chops, wine and truffles. I know you think red meat is too heavy and even though you’ll eat one every now and again it’s far from your favorite food. I know a good margarita or vodka and cranberry sits in front of you far more than bottles of wine do. I know hot wings and a pizza do far more for you than a porterhouse or lobster.


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