Don’t Make Me Pay For His Mistakes

All men aren’t created equal, maybe he was hurt by another woman, maybe he has mother issues but that’s not your fault. You can’t teach a man how to be a man. You can’t let him go from his mother’s house to your house and expect that he’s going to grow up. Dealing with that selfishness, dealing with that insecurity, that’s going to make it hell for the next man but if he loves you he’ll deal with that hell to get to heaven. It’s not just on him though, you have to do your part and open up your heart and get past that hurt.

black woman crying There is nothing the matter with wanting love, there’s nothing the matter with looking forward to cooking dinner for someone or going to wine fest and iFest and Jazzfest drinking wine and holding hands. I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again, men and women are created for each other. Our bodies fit like puzzle pieces, our hormones match and make perfect DNA resemblances of us. That’s worth fighting for.

Just because he screwed up doesn’t mean I will. Just because he lied about where he was when you called or cancelled one too many date nights doesn’t mean that’s in me. I don’t have to add your friends on Facebook because they’re cute, I don’t need your cousins phone number because you’re cool with her. This may not be the modest thing to say but, “I’m a better man than him so don’t compare us, don’t hold me…

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