The Sinners That We Are…

Can love and hate live in the same space?

dress nakedThe small cross was sitting slightly above her bosom glimmering in the candlelight of the dimly lit restaurant. Her smile was disarming and calming all at the same time. A year ago today we spent Valentine’s Day on the top floor of my favorite hotel. It was the last time I saw her. Naked, vulnerable, crying, she told me without telling me that she was leaving me to be with someone else.

Wait, that’s not right. She told me she was never really with me, just pitying me. Just intrigued by someone different from her usual. Her laugh was sad but mocking in those moments after her words cut me.

In that moment I didn’t think it was possible to hate a woman, to a hate a human being more than I hated her. It’s life to have a woman not love you like she once did, it’s life to…

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