Real Men Open Doors: Seven Gentlemanly Traits That Cost Us Nothing

suits Real Men Open Doors: Seven Gentlemanly Traits That Cost Us Nothing

A big topic of conversation over the past several years has been about who pays for a date? Women want equality so if they invite you out shouldn’t they pay but on the other hand if a man has romantic intentions shouldn’t he pay? There’s no right or wrong answer, each situation is different. Each relationship, courtship and friendship has different levels, different dynamics. I personally always pay or offer to but we all have different finances and responsibilities.

This isn’t about that though. This is about simple things that don’t cost us anything but get us all sorts of goodwill.

Seven- Opening and holding open doors is slowly becoming a lost art. Not just with the women that smell good on date nights but anytime you see an elderly person, woman or child. It amazes me how women look almost surprised when I open their door. It only takes a couple of seconds and it’s appreciated.

Six- Yes ma’am and no sir- I was simply raised to address people older than myself as Mr. and Mrs. and yes sir and no ma’am. Nothing bothers me more than seeing children say, “Yeah” to someone twice their age. Being a grown man saying yes sir and no sir to men my grandfather’s or even father’s age is just a sign of respect.

Five- Giving up your seat. Whether its in a waiting room, on a train, a bus or a crowded restaurant bar if you’re sitting and a woman is standing offer her your seat. I’ve never worn heels but they aren’t made for standing in. I look at it this way. If it was my mother, grandmother, wife standing there I’d want a man to do it for them.

Four- Offer the last piece before you eat it. It could be cake, pizza, beer or just enough in the bottle for one more glass of wine. Ask would anyone else like this before you eat it. It’s the polite thing to do and manners tend to be contagious and attractive.

Three- It’s okay to tuck your shirt in at times, to wear a tie when it’s a casual setting. You can be overdressed, that’s fine. Society has become so casual. Slacks and a blazer to meet a friend for drinks is fine. A suit and tie on a first date doesn’t mean you’re trying too hard. Good cologne, a nice watch and clean shoes should be the norm.

Two- If someone is on the phone or not paying attention just try and make eye contact and say, “Excuse me.” Two simple words that take the rude aspect of interruption away. “Thank you,” works the same way. A person holds the elevator for you, compliments you, anything… Just say thank you.

One- It’s okay to look at beautiful women, just don’t stare. If a woman is fine she knows she’s being admired. Most women that are curvy can’t hide it. Hips, breasts, a nice butt tend to stand out. Gentleman don’t ever mention the obvious unless you know her. Compliment details other men miss. Her jewelry, her hair, her purse. Her perfume. Be confident and smile but just don’t stare. Until she walks away and then stare 🙂

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