It Helps Make Me Better

1. When I first started writing, like really writing I found my best work, my motivation came from a woman. Having a woman call me, asking me to write her a particular story is everything! “Write me something nasty.” “Write me something smart.” “I read what you wrote last night I wasn’t feeling it.” For me, Demez, I appreciate smart. I like the idea of someone caring about not just my words but the quality if my words just as much as I do. What happens is if the woman I’m into doesn’t like to read or doesn’t do that then I’m going to have that connection with someone else.

2. Giving is caring. I always talk about what men need to do for women. How its our job to step up and set examples but it works both ways. My grandmother used to take my grandfathers shoes off and none of us ate before he did. I know we live in a different age but some practices are just universal.

3. Common Manners- Calling and asking if someone needs anything before you come to their home. Asking if anyone would like something to drink when they enter your home. Calling to make sure they made it home safe. Manners matter.

4. Flirting. Sexting. Pics that no other guy is going to see. Don’t make me ask.


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