4am Prayers and Phone Calls

His Eyes
Sitting in his desk chair, trying to get comfortable, trying to get some rest before the storm blew in was close to impossible when you were used to being in a bed. The skies clear, the streets empty as he drove in at 3am he wondered could this all be much to do about nothing.

Knowing she probably wouldn’t be going to work tomorrow with ice on the roads, disturbing her sleep was something he didn’t really want to do but hearing her voice felt like a matter of life or death. Something about it calmed him, made him feel better about the unease that was gripping him.

Putting on his coat, stepping outside he scrolled to her number.

Her Eyes

At first she thought she was dreaming. She felt the phone vibrating but didn’t know where she was exactly. Jumping up, looking around, realizing she’d fell asleep on the couch. Her gym clothes on the floor, the heat blasting, lying in one of his t-shirts she wiped her face and saw who was calling.

“Hey, everything okay?” She tried to make herself sound awake but it was a struggle fighting the yawns.

“I didn’t wake you up did I pretty girl?” At the sound of his voice she smiled. Lying back on the couch, pulling the blanket to her neck.

“Nah, I was up.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, they both knew she was lying but when certain people call, you just answer the phone.

“You okay babe?” It wasn’t like him to call this early even though he knew she would answer.

They’d made a lot of strides since that first date. It took awhile for her to trust again, it took just a little bit longer for him to put his pride to the side and open up.

“I need a favor.” She leaned up and looked around for her jeans and keys.

“Anything!” Her heart started to beat a little faster!

“Can you pray with me?”

His Eyes

Hearing her raspy voice, knowing on cold nights she slept with the heat blasting and little on he saw her body as soon as she said hello. He imagined her lying there, her pillow smelling of his cologne. Hair wrapped, body all over the bed. She was a snorer, especially when she was tired even though she’d never admit it.

He couldn’t shake the unease and more than her body, more than her voice, he needed her spirit.

“Can you pray with me?” He asked. They’d prayed together before, over dinner, before bed but he’d never just asked her randomly. There was something serious about prayer, something intimate about calling a woman and waking her out her sleep to humble yourselves before God. More than a first kiss, more than a first date, this mattered and scrolling threw his phone he knew only one woman mattered.

“Of course I will. Do you want me to pray for you; you want to do a silent prayer?” She laughed, it wasn’t a funny laugh but a nervous, cute laugh. It was what she did when she didn’t know what to do.

“I’ll pray, just close your eyes and roll with me.”


Dear God,

I’m here this morning asking for your help. I trust that you wouldn’t put me in a situation I can’t handle but I’m nervous, maybe even a little scared. The last time I did this I almost flipped over a bridge. I know I come to you more when I need you then when I don’t and I’m going to do better but for right now just give me the strength and knowledge to trust my training. Allow me to make it home safely, allow all my friends and family and everyone traveling the roads to make it home safely. Most of all I’m asking that you bless Ashley. Protect her and give her calm during this time. Thank you for placing her in my life, if you don’t do any more than that you’ve blessed me for ten lifetimes. In your darling son Jesus’ name.

Her Eyes


For a moment neither of them said anything, just for a moment.

“I pray for you. If something were to happen to you I wouldn’t be okay, you know that right? I’m not sure I’d ever be okay.” She didn’t know why the tears were in her eyes or why she was standing up looking out the window hoping for the storm to pass. She just knew whatever uneasy feeling he was feeling was now in her gut.

“Thank you for praying with me, for answering the phone, I know how much you love your sleep.” They both laughed, easing the tension.

“You know I’m always going to answer for you; just be careful.”

“Goodnight, love you A.”

“Love you too.”

Lying back on the couch, knowing she’d never fall back asleep until she knew he was safe. Grabbing a bottle of wine, some pop corn and the remote she decided to take advantage of the off day. Placing the TV on mute and getting on her knees, she wiped her eyes again still not knowing why the tears were falling.


I know he prayed but you can never have enough prayer right? Please protect him. You know what’s in my heart and you know how I feel about him, he’s a good man and I love him. With you in his corner he’s capable of anything. Thanks.


Now she knew everything would be alright.


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