Definition of a Date..,

Don’t get short changed. A date is a date, anything else is just hanging out. There’s nothing the matter with hanging out if that’s what you want but serious intentions require serious plans.

One: man calls woman and asks her out. Woman accepts and man calls the night before to confirm.

Two: man picks woman up from her home and brings some sort of ice breaker/thank you gift. Flowers, candy, an edible arrangement. Something that shows his appreciation for her accepting.

Three: date must consist of at least two events. Dinner and a movie; drinks and a sporting event. A concert and dinner. Two events, preferably in two separate locations.

Four: conversation should flow, neither party should spend too much time on a phone. Flirting should be in abundance but respectable.

Five: quiet moments are fine as long as they’re comfortable quiet moments. A hand on a thigh, a smile while sitting at a light. Awkward silence is the death of dating.

Six: the man should walk the date to the door and receive a kiss or a hug. Maybe he gets invited…

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