All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All I want is an opportunity to make you happy. I’m on the eve of turning 31 and I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep. I might not ever be able to put you in a Benz and buy you that house on the lake but I can promise you’ll never catch a bus or sleep under a leaky roof.

All I want is to touch you and have you melt in my arms. When you have a bad day call me, no hesitation. When you’re hungry let me know what you want to eat. When you’re horny let me know where to lick. I just need you to open the door so I can get it started. Just say yes.

I want you to have two or three drawers over here. I want you to have a key and for my dog to love you just as much as she loves me. I want to be the one that you know will put no other before you. That starts with a yes.

Our child, our future, our sweaty nights when I can’t get enough of you; that all starts with a yes.

Say Yes!
Say my name!

I’m going to brag about you. Post pictures of us. Piss a lot of women off but the truth is I’d rather see you them frown as long as you’re smiling.

Say yes and I’ll change your life!



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