Will You Be My Valentine’s?

You know you want to!

You know you want to!

Dear Valentine’s,

I hope you’re somewhere enjoying this cold rainy day. Sitting at your desk or lying on a couch at home. Maybe you’re looking at the clock hoping it let’s up before you leave.

I don’t know who you are just yet but I feel like talking to you. I love rain, I don’t really look at gloomy days in a bad way. To be honest if I didn’t think it would mess up your hair I wouldn’t care if it rained on Valentine’s Day.

For me Valentines is sort of the perfect day. I like everything from the candy to the flowers to the crowded restaurants. People watching the other couples and us having our own personal inside jokes.

You should know something about me. About the man I am, I notice every detail, every piece of clothing, every nail. Women are art to me and I’m aware of how cheesy that sounds but I don’t know of anything in this world that motivates me to write more.

Knowing that you’ll be in the perfect dress, with the perfect shoes with that perfect smile has me excited and I haven’t even asked you yet. I need to have a great night because I need you to have a great night.

Last year I ended Valentines Day in a hotel room drunk and angry at the world. I have no desire to end my night like that again. I could care less about sex or Hennessy or shots. I just want us to make a memory. My birthday was last week and I spent it with family but that night I was alone, the only thing that gave me comfort was knowing I may not spend Friday night alone.

I’ve spent the past year of my life writing my way to success! Writing my way to making my name matter! I started that journey the day after I almost lost my will. Sitting at that hotel bar wondering where she was. I never wanted that feeling again. So I started writing and I didn’t stop until my novel was perfect, I haven’t stopped until this blog was perfect!

So February 14th 2014 I want to take your hand and I want to spend the rest of this year enjoying life; not battling demons. If it doesn’t happen I won’t get discouraged because I know Valentine’s isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

So… Will you be my Valentines?

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