Wear This and I’ll Smile

Heels= Pleasures

Heels= Pleasures

I’m motivated by conversations.. By pictures and by songs.

There are plenty of things in life that make me smile. An alert from Wells Fargo or PayPal that money I wasn’t expecting got deposited. A steak that’s so tender I literally savor every bite. Having a beautiful woman comment on my writing. More than anything though, I appreciate a well dressed woman. Fitted jeans and a loose blouse, quality heels. A sundress and colorful toes. Linen pants or denim shorts and a tank top, sunglasses on a road trip to Austin or New Orleans. Style and beauty are dopeness incarnated.

It’s obvious the things women can wear that every warm blooded straight man will love. A t-shirt and panties, lingerie, a maxi dress (not sure most men know the exact name) that literally hugs every curve. It’s deeper than that though for me. It’s not what she wears but how she wears it. Sweats and a t-shirt with nothing on but lip gloss. A pencil skirt and blouse, barefoot at my door because the heels have been killing her feet. There’s so much beauty is simplicity and knowing she’s comfortable around me.

I’m often asked why I write about women so much. The truth is I’m addicted. Not to sex or to blowjobs but to what women represent, what they do for my writing. I can admit my limitations in life whether it be finically, sexually, emotionally, professionally. What I can also admit is a kind hearted woman in the right outfit with the right heels and right words makes me feel like I can overcome all those limitations.

Have you ever given a woman a pair of heels? Where she takes the bag from your hand, opens the box and her mouth opens. You know the exact size and her style, you bought a color that goes perfect with the colors she likes to wear. You can literally see the eroticism in her eyes while she tries them on. Walking across the living room floor like it’s a catwalk. Sitting on my lap, whispering how she’s going to thank me while only wearing the heels. I’m not the guy that can spoil at the drop of a dime, Sallie Mae is too jealous for that. But when I get it right; I get it right.

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