4 Factors to a Happier Work Week: Sleep, Masturbation, Exercise and Conversation

I’m saying masturbation and not sex because I’m not married. If I was married this would obviously be sex. Masturbation is important because it allows you to release stress without all the feelings and emotions that come with sex. Sexual pleasure is one of those gifts from God that we need to thank him for everyday! It’s not just the act by the way of getting yourself off but it’s the memories. Stay away from porn, that corrupts the mind. Use your mind, use your imagination, take the time in the shower or before bed to give your body that release. Just because you’re single or celibate doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive sex life. With sexual fulfillment comes less anger and stress and watch those work days be just a little bit less annoying.


182240_562470723185_118401058_31406809_1126638_n How often do we see or hear people crying about Mondays? Not because they had a good weekend, not because they had a bad weekend but simply because it’s Monday. TGIF has become a phrase everyone uses even when they have no plans for the weekend! Now some of it is because people simply hate their jobs and anytime away from work is a blessing. Some of it is mental, the weekend means no dropping kids off or getting up early, no worrying about what you’re going to wear or if you need to get gas before work or after work.

Those are all valid reasons but here’s the most serious reason: People let work and home life consume them. They go to work, fight traffic, have an hour or two of down time and then have to do it all over again the next day. You can’t live like…

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