“7 Adult Reasons Why Women Cheat…”

Revenge… Vengeance is a natural and raw human emotion. Imagine a friend calling you and telling you the person you love, have sacrificed for, have cried over, have believed in…. is at Pappadeaux on 610 or Kirby in a booth feeding some chick fondue. You pace the house, call his phone ten times and get no answer. So against your better judgment knowing it’s true you go up there and there he is. With his ex that played him or some girl that liked waaaay too much stuff on FB or even worse he’s with a downgrade. You know yelling and cursing isn’t going to do a thing and hitting him or fighting her isn’t what you’re about. But what you do know, what every woman knows from birth is that men can’t handle the thought of dick running inside of their woman. We’re weak when it comes to that, we go crazy. So all his bullshit, all the hurt he’s caused leads her to want revenge. Leads her to fuck a man she’d never even go out with just to spite him, to hurt him. Women hate talking about revenge sex because it’s beneath most of you but it’s thriving. Especially when you have a generation of men that don’t know how to do wrong right.


I base most of my writing on the ideal that I’m dealing with real readers and real people. We aren’t all Saints, we don’t all live in perfect bubbles. Some of us have cheated and lied and did things others will never know about. If you’re one of those women that has never cheated or lied or had sex outside of a relationship, congrats.

You may want to stop reading now and go have a pillow fight with a Unicorn. As for the rest of you, enjoy. And to any male readers I may have, just know if you’re doing any of these things to your woman she may not be cheating per say but you’re most def losing her one way or the other.

Reason Seven: Lowering Her Standards… There is nothing like getting accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I’ve never dated a woman that cooked everyday or wanted…

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