Love and Lies: One Woman’s Story

Love hurts

Love hurts

She kept looking for it, she looked in her console, she pulled over and looked under the seat. Pulling down her visor, for the life of her she couldn’t remember where it was. Already running late the last thing she needed was no way to get into the parking garage or office. Tapping her heels on the brakes it hit her, the badge was in her jacket and her jacket was on the floor in his bedroom.

Calling him back to back to back his phone was going straight to voicemail and knowing she didn’t have a key she was hoping he was still home. It’d only been ten minutes since she left. Whipping into his driveway, banging on the door, looking at her watch and cell phone hoping they weren’t right. His car was there so she knew he was.

When he opened the door she tried to rush pass him to go get her badge, before she could even step in the house or explain she realized he was blocking the door, “What the hell are you doing here?! Why are you here without calling?!”

It all rushed out her mouth at once, a mix between confusion and a defensive mechanism. “I just left 10 minutes ago? I’ve been here the last two days and nights, I left my badge and I need it to get into work. I called you, your phone was off!”

As it was coming out her mouth it was like she was coming down the stairs in slow motion. She couldn’t see her face but she could see that all she was wearing was one of his t-shirts. All she was saw was bare feet and legs, at that moment nothing else mattered. Not being late for work, not her badge, not explaining herself.

“You have a bitch over here naked ten minutes after I leave! Was she waiting in the closet, on the street! You son of a bitch!” Before he knew it she’d caught him twice in the face and was past him rushing towards the girl running up the stairs before she felt herself lifted off the grown and practically thrown outside.

He slammed the door! Kicking the paneling, banging on the door, all she saw was red! “Really?! Really?! You can’t give me an answer! Be a man! Talk to me! Give me my badge! Give me my shit! Who is that bitch?!”

For five minutes she screamed and yelled and kicked until she saw the police pull up and some of her senses started to come back to her. He opened the door once the police stepped out the car and started to run her plates.

“I hate you, you’re crazy, you’re nothing to me. I hope they lock your ass under the jail! Coming over here trying to fuck up stuff with my woman, what’s the matter with you?” At that moment the tears started to fall and all the fight left her. She couldn’t understand the words that were coming from his mouth, an hour ago that same mouth was on hers, on her skin, on her lips and now he was tearing her down to a point where she wasn’t sure this was reality.

“Please turn around and place your hands on your head maam.”

Part II Tonight

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