Seduction 101: Start to Sex

6. Confidence. Don’t ask to do something, just do it! I’m not talking taking it, I’m talking being decisive in your actions. Freaky is okay, nasty is okay as long as its not weird. The same way a man shouldn’t ask a woman where she wants to go for dinner when she gets in the car is the same way a man shouldn’t ask if he can go down on her. Push her back and just do it. Do it like its your honeymoon and its all you’ve thought about! Do it like not doing it will destroy you!

Seduction 101: Start to Sex

1. It starts with the mind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. It helps to be tall, dark and handsome but once a woman reaches a certain maturity it’ll take more than dimples and cologne.

2. Once you get past the introductions and small talk honesty and compliments come next. Acting isn’t what’s up. Don’t be something you’re not. Women like shy. Women like thugs. Women like aggressive or smart. All of those things are true; none of them are true. Women like consistencies and honesties. Show her she can trust you and she’s open. Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it!

3. Aggression matters! Don’t be a pussy! It’s better to go in for a kiss and she moves away then to talk too much and miss the moment. Dudes get friendzoned everyday because they waited and she lost interest. Push her up…

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