Once A Good Girl Goes Bad… She’s Gone Forever

hink back to your first love… Not your high school or college crush but the first time you fell so deep for someone that it scared you. I’m talking you gave all of yourself with no hesitation because you just knew he or she would never let any harm come to you. That feeling of joy and happiness when you love like that is immeasurable because that’s the way God intended for a man to love a woman


STUMBLR-sex-and-sexuality-24383985-467-700 I write often, I love writing, but it isn’t how I pay my bills. I build and fix highways for a living, I see a hole or crack and I tear out the old concrete or asphalt, clean it out and pour some new material in there. In a matter of days it goes from potentially dangerous to brand new. People literally don’t even slow down, they just enjoy the new ride. But what they don’t realize is that even though the road feels smoother and rides better is that once it’s compromised it will never be the same. Because you’ve messed with the original makeup.

Women are mostly good by nature, I’m no genealogist but people aren’t born bad. You see these women that prostitute or strip or are bad mothers, 9 times out of 10 they had childhoods where they were neglected or abused. Teenage years were they…

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