I felt him cumming and pushed my ass back harder, tightened my walls and felt his hand around my neck. My heart was beating out of my chest, my blouse was soaked and I had tears in my eyes. I turned around and brought his face to mine, I loved kissing him and tasting my juices on his tongue.

I’ve often said that the woman is the star in most relationships. It’s quite simple actually, for a man sexual pleasure pretty much revolves around one act. But for a woman, most women at least there has to be more there, there has to be a certain level of comfort at the very least. A certain level of arousal that’s not only physical but mental.

I don’t really remember my first kiss, I don’t remember the first time I touched a girl in an inappropriate place or slow danced with her. I suppose I should remember those things but the truth is, they just weren’t that memorable.

But there is one thing I remember; I remember the first time I brought a woman to climax. The first time I felt the rush of pleasing someone, the power that sexual stimulation has. It wasn’t like a porno where she screamed my…

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