Why Marriage Matters…

So when I think of marriage I don’t think of divorce rates or whether or not we’ll have separate bank accounts. I think about having someone in my life that I’ll share every single secret with. Someone that will look at me every morning and want to make love to me before we go to work. Marriage is perfect to me because it’s imperfect.


The divorce rate in our beloved country is over 50%. They’re more Apple products in homes than there are married couples. Children born after 1990 have a 70% chance of being raised in a home with a single parent.

Is marriage valued?

Is marriage respected?

Is marriage still what most single men and women aspire to?

My answer to all these questions would be YES!

Today, tomorrow and until I wait on my wife to walk down the aisle, the answer will be YES! My first novel was about marriage, I write about it often and I talk about it even more. I do these things because I respect it, because I believe that my life won’t be complete until I get a wife.

There’s one thing about me that no woman I’ve dated will ever argue. When I’m in I’m all in and when I’m out I’m out. I’m…

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