A Couple Professional Tips From A Writer

1. Send important people in your company emails thanking them for doing a good job. You may think that CEO or Chairman in Austin or NY doesn’t read them but they all do. The people in Human Resources or Payroll. Once a month pick someone out and thank them for specific policies or work. They get angry emails all day, people asking them for things all day. Be the one person that just wants to thank them.

2. Don’t text or social network shorthand if you send a lot of emails at work. You will slip up. We all think we can handle it but you’ll accidentally send that lol or lmao or u when it’s important. Practice makes perfect.

3. Take personal calls in private if you can. No matter how low you think you’re talking or whispering someone is listening, gossiping. People will judge based off your private life.

Now go be great!


One thought on “A Couple Professional Tips From A Writer

  1. Tip 1 definitely pays off. I’ve sent an email to an Assistant Director in the past telling him that everyone thinks he is doing a great job. He read it, replied with thanks and 12 months later I was promoted by him. It was not my initial intention for this to happen however one piece of friendly commentary eventually paid off. Karma perhaps. Very useful advice demezw.

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