5 Underrated Places to Kiss

4. Belly button- Do you know what my favorite moment is with any woman? It’s not even sexual; it’s that moment when she’s fresh out a shower or bath. Her skin is warm and moist, her pores are open. There’s this soft sweet scent of that soap/lotion combination. See, that’s how you know if she’s truly beautiful. No makeup, no pushup bras or tight jeans. Just a robe or t-shirt and her feminine sensibilities. Lying on the couch, my head on her lap and kissing that warm, soft stomach. Maybe she giggles, maybe she rubs my head, maybe she falls asleep. There’s clarity in that kiss.


The human body and lips will always have a unique connection. I’m thinking when God created us he had this in mind. There’s the pleasure spots that all of us know about. In the heat of the moment you can’t go wrong kissing breasts, inner thighs, a neck.


There’s the other spots. The ones that are more subtle but just as sexy, just as inviting. These are the spots you kiss when there’s no rush, when your concern isn’t your pleasure, but her pleasure. Whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically.

5. Forehead- Comfort is not an easy thing to come by. Most attractive women get guys calling and texting all the time. “How are you today?” “Good Morning, you sleep well?” And their answers are normally “fine,” “okay,” etc. It’s rare that she says I was cramping all night or I’m stressing because I’m going to be 200…

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