Calming Her Nightmares

Men love 4am calls because she’s tipsy and needs sex. We understand 4am calls because we had a fight and the frustration and anger have boiled over to the point where she just needs to talk. However, nothing compares to a woman calling you because she’s had a nightmare. It felt real to her, she awoke with tears and her heart beating fast and all she wants is for you to calm her fears and protect her. When you become that guy; you know it’s real!

naked-thighs.jpg “I had a bad dream.”

With the time change the sun was up when our alarms clocks were going off, that was still taking some getting used to. So the fact that it was still dark outside let me know it was incredibly early. She was sitting at her vanity doing her touching up her nails, the only light was the recess that hung over the station.

She walked back to the bed, bra and panties on, her silk robe open.

“I couldn’t sleep, I had a bad dream.”

I was still half asleep myself trying to adjust to the light, trying to shake the cobwebs. She looked showered and fresh so I’m thinking she’s been up for awhile. I sat up, the cold hitting my bear chest.

“Come here.” She just stood there looking sad, I moved the covers and stood up to stretch. I couldn’t tell if I…

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