Marriage Counseling III ‘Date Night’

“Dear Wife… I pushed your spa day back till one. Buy what you want. Well, buy most of what you want. I’d appreciate it if you forget to buy panties. We haven’t played that little game we like to play at dinner in awhile. We can’t live in the past any longer. We’ll make this right tonight and we’ll make another child tonight or at least get started trying. I love you.”

When I woke up this morning there was a note tapped to the mirror in the bathroom.

“Dear Wife… I made you a spa appointment at the Four Seasons for 11am. A car will be there to pick you up around 10:30. Pack a bag for a day or two and set the alarm when you leave. They’ll be further instructions for you at the hotel. I’m looking forward to our date. I love you.”

I read the note 3 more times before I remembered that the car would be here in an hour. He’d always start the night in the bed with me but around two or three he’d go to the home gym or his office and just be in his own world.

At first I just knew if he wasn’t touching me he was touching someone but I checked all our phone records, his emails, popped up…

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