Perfectly Imperfect

“You are beautiful in each and every way, the world can’t bring you down. You are beautiful no matter what people say.”

I’m pretty sure that’s how that verse from that Christiana Aguilera song goes and if I missed some words, forgive me, I don’t really have time to do a google search on it. I was talking to a friend last night, an extremely attractive and talented friend and she wasn’t in a good place. More than anything, I think she was just heart broken.

I know, in 2014, that’s still possible.

Heartbreak doesn’t have to be one guy or one woman that you’re head over heels in love with and then BAM! It all implodes, heartbreak can be deeper in the sense that it can be a build up of fucked up relationship after fucked up relationship. Screwed up date after screwed up date and over time you just get tired of never having moments where you can let yourself be vulnerable.

Never having moments where Mr. Right or Ms. Right gives you hope. That doesn’t mean the relationship has to end in marriage or some life long fling, but it does mean that for an extended period of time someone made you feel perfect.

Someone made you feel like there was no one else in this world that they would rather be with.

For her, that day hasn’t come or if it has come it was so long ago that she can’t even remember. I’m going to tell anyone that may read this the same thing I tell myself because God knows we all want Happily Ever After.

God doesn’t take something from us without bringing something better into our lives.

He may take his own sweet time and it may kill us that we have to sleep alone or keep our issues and vulnerable natures bottled up but that day does come! Perfectly Imperfect simply means that no matter what flaws we may have, we’re all perfect to someone.

You may be the most beautiful woman in the room but you need someone to lift you up and compliment you spiritually.

You could be the most divine and spiritual woman in the room but you need a man to tell you how beautiful you are, how sexy, how much he wants you. There is no shame in needing to be comforted, no shame in wanting something you don’t have.

Life wasn’t meant to be spent alone and no matter how perfect things may look from the outside for a lot of people, they struggle and hurt just like you and me. There perfect is just as imperfect as everyone else.

You are all beautiful, I’m so serious, I could find a trait or set of qualities about each and every woman I run across and other men see it to. Some are afraid, some don’t think they’re good enough and some are just blinded at the moment.

Know your worth.

Have faith.

Believe in your perfectly beautiful imperfections.20140513-040739.jpg

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