The Reception… His and Hers Point of View

Everyone wants to get married, even the people that swear up and down they don’t need a wife or a husband. They want to get married. It’s something about taking those vows, about knowing that there is someone that will love you for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health. Marriage isn’t underrated, marriage is perfect when it’s done right.

I can’t speak for any other man on this earth but I know one thing when it comes to me. I’m so looking forward to the day when I say, “I do.” That’s why I write about weddings, receptions, honeymoons, vows because I’m speaking it into existence. Not to mention I’m a romantic at heart.



He couldn’t believe it was over, that it finally happened. Heartbreak, lies, makeup’s, breakups, it all lead them to this point and now she was his. Mind body and soul. Watching her walking down that aisle, seeing the look on her face, the seriousness and sexiness, the emotion in her eyes. He knew it was all worth it. It took everything he had in him not to cry but he didn’t and he was proud of himself because of that.

They were standing in the hallway, all the guest were already seated, appetizers were being served. The bridal party had already started to make their way into the ballroom. It was just him and his bride, he could see she was tired but excited at the same time.

“We did it, you’re stuck with me now hubby! There’s no divorce, no walking away, I’ll kill you before that happens.”

She was smiling, laughing but he could tell she was dead serious and he didn’t even mind. He took her hands, spun her around in the hallway and kissed her on those lips he couldn’t get enough of.

“I’ve been waiting on this, what we’re doing now, since the first moment I met you. So you can keep your threats woman because I’m not going anywhere! Come here!” Her dress was a mermaid gown so she could barely move without assistance but neither one of them cared. He picked her up off the ground and kissed her over and over and over.

“Hey! Everyone is waiting on your two, it’s been like ten minutes since the best man and maid of honor came in.” They looked at each other and laughed, it was their day, they didn’t care if people had to wait on them.


Walking into the ballroom, sitting at the table, her husband on her left, her girls on her right. Life just couldn’t get any better! The ice sculpture, the string quartet, the doves! THEY HAD DOVES!!! Was all she could scream in her mind to keep from jumping up with joy. This wedding was everything she wanted and more, everything she saw in her dreams from when she was six years old. It all happened, it was still happening.

It scared her how much he loved her, she would never tell a soul that but it scared her. The thought of not being able to return the sort of blind passion and enthusiasm he had for her. She would try and she would give her all but the way he was looking at her at that alter, the sincerity in which he gave those vows. It was life altering.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

She came out of her day dream when she heard the best man tapping the champagne glass to get everyone’s attention.

Excuse me, excuse me, I know all of you are ready to eat this good food and dance and take full advantage of this open bar but I would like to give a toast to the lovely couple. I wish I could say my best friend called me after his first date with his future wife and told me he would marry her. I would like to say we were at a party and he introduced me to her and I could just see the chemistry. But if I told you all a story like that, I would be straight lying.

The crowd laughed.

My boy, my friend since I could remember, he’s always been cut from a different cloth. He didn’t talk about the women he dated or slept with or anything and he damn sure wasn’t going to talk about the women he loved. I knew he was going to marry this woman the day I logged on to Facebook and each and every one of his stories had a little piece of her in it. See, that’s how he is, he’s never forward and direct, it’s always about the writing. And when he started putting her in story after story, novel after novel…. I knew it was a wrap! I was scared at first because I thought him getting so into her would mean the end of our friendship. You know how some guys do when they get a girlfriend but for him, he was stayed the best friend a guy could ask for. And instead of losing a brother, I gained a sister.

Everyone sighed.

These two are perfect for each other and no one deserves to be happier more than them. I wish you all the best and I hope you guys start making babies ASAP so I can have someone to take to the mall and pickup chicks with. I love you both! Congratulations!

It was a good toast, a good speech, even though she really didn’t like him.


His boy did his best, he knew he didn’t care for his wife and the feeling was mutual. She didn’t like his ways and he didn’t like her ways but because of him they found a way to chill. He was taking it easy on the drinks tonight since it was his wedding and because he wanted their first dance to be flawless.

Her maid of honor stood up and tapped her glass, he knew her and her sister weren’t close but they were sisters and friends none the less. Not to mention she was probably the prettiest bridesmaid anyone had ever seen which couldn’t hurt the pictures.

Growing up my sister was always little miss perfect. She cleaned up her room everyday, made straight A’s, said yes maam and no maam. Everyone loved her because she always did everything right. So when she called me and said she’d met a guy that was perfect! I didn’t suck my teeth and take a deep breath because I knew her and I knew she wasn’t exaggerating. If she said she met a guy that was perfect I knew that meant he was perfect for her. The way he looks at her when she’s not looking or talks about her when she’s not around, I think… wait, I know every woman wants that. It’s not often we get blessed with soul mates and my sister and brother-n-law have been blessed. I love you little sister and I know you’re in great hands. I wish nothing but the best for the two of you!

“I love you.”

He leaned over and whispered it in her ear, the crowd was clapping from the toast and the DJ was starting to spin some music while the food was being served.


45 Minutes Later…

She’d changed out of her wedding gown to something easier to move around in, it was still white and classy but it oozed regal sex appeal. They took the dance floor hand in hand, he was nervous and she knew it but she still let him lead.

He wasn’t nervous because of the moment he was nervous because he wasn’t a dancer. Always and Forever came thru the speakers, the crowd made a circle around the couple and she just allowed herself to fall into the moment. Luther was singing and she was in his arms not wanting this night, this moment to end.

“So I see you took those dance lessons seriously.” No one could hear the two of them.

“I had to, this is your day right.” She bit his hear and whispered.

“This is our day and I’m ready for you to fuck your wife!”

They cut the cake, threw the bouquet, took more pictures and gave more hugs than they thought possible and in the end they were in the back of the limo on their way to the airport….

Well you know the rest, doing what married couples do.

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