Beauty: A Gift and a Curse



When people look at her, they see perfection. They see those eyes that light up any room, they see that body that can make the most unflattering clothes look amazing! Hips, breasts, smooth skin, men literally sell out friends and fall over themselves trying to get her to smile at them.

Her beauty is the stuff that legends are made of, her attractiveness is what makes men write songs and novels but there’s something people just don’t know.

Being beautiful isn’t always so simple.

Men don’t take no for an answer more often than not, relationships become almost impossible to end because the thought of someone taking something so perfect, so beautiful from a man is not something we can deal with all the time.

I can only speak from a male perspective, the feeling I get when I walk into a restaurant or a bar or a football game with the most attractive woman in the building, THERE IS NOT ANOTHER FEELING LIKE THAT and this is coming from a man that goes out of his way not to be stifling.

So I get the allure of not wanting to let a woman like this go, the allure of feeling like persistence isn’t annoyance. I can read and speak to women on a level that most men can’t, I guess it’s my gift and curse and from my experiences beautiful women have it the worse because people envy that. They’re afraid of that.

Women don’t like them because of simple insecurities and jealousies.

Men don’t like them because they can’t have them and that leads to rudeness and animosity. Life isn’t fair or easy for that level of viciousness. Why am I writing about this today? It’s Thursday, this article should be more upbeat, more sexy but I’m writing about this because this is Thursday! The day of putting on the tight dress, the day of getting your hair fixed and nails done and sleeping in on weekend.

It’s the night that men fall in love with the perfectly flawed woman. Tonight will lead to a first date which will lead to a first kiss which will lead to a broken heart.

That beautiful woman. What know one knows is she grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in Germany, she came to America and had to deal with things that would have broken most men or women.

That beautiful woman. What people don’t know is her child’s father refuses to help her with their daughter because she won’t be with him, he threatens her with court and lies because he would rather have her hate him and be in his life then not have her at all.

That beautiful woman. What people don’t know is she’s more than qualified at her job but men can’t stop staring at her long enough to take her seriously. Maybe they don’t flirt, maybe they don’t grab her ass but their eyes tell it all.

That beautiful woman. She hates asking for even the smallest favor because that leads to texts and calls and misinterpretations.

Being average is being average.

Being above average is cool.

Being beautiful is walking a thin line, I don’t think most women would give it up but I know most women get tired of always having to deal with the pitfalls that come with it.

Having written all this I still hope to find the most arrogantly beautiful woman one day and go crazy over her. That’s the American dream right?

You all enjoy your weekend.

One thought on “Beauty: A Gift and a Curse

  1. Sow a thought and you reap an actoin; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.Emerson, Ralph WaldoBRAVO to The Lebanon Fire & Rescue.Thank you for being our hero’s, through thick & thin.Please know that You are Loved, Respected, and Prayed for Daily. God Bless One and All.

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