F*cking the Pain Away…

He flipped me over! And put me on my stomach, spread my legs and licked my ass before he put himself inside of me from behind! I gripped the rail on the hospital bed and tried to throw it back but his strokes were shooting chills thru my body paralyzing me with pleasure! I didn’t remember him being this rough but feeling his tears fall on my back I knew he needed to get it out! I knew he needed to find an outlet for the pain he was feeling. Biting the back of my neck and pulling my hair I knew he was cumming. I knew he was putting his seed inside of me to replace the seed he’d just lost. Our love was volatile but it was real.


He needed more than my words, more than my condolences. Pulling him into the empty hospital room, stepping out of my panties and pushing him on the bed I found his mouth and kissed him like he needed to be kissed. Kissed him so he could forget what he’d just heard, kissed him so he’d remember why that bitch did what she did! Unzipping his pants and taking him in my mouth I felt like I was sucking his soul out of him! His hands running through my hair, the moisture in my mouth getting wetter and wetter with each tug of my hair.

Licking up and down and looked him in his red, dark eyes and came up. Pulling up my dress, sitting on top of him it took me a minute to get past the pain. Four years of fingers and vibrators didn’t prepare me for his girth…

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