Don’t Let Your Mind Imprison You

Sometimes our mind can be our biggest prison, our most staunch obstacle. The easiest thing in the world is to say, “I can’t do this.” Is to convince yourself that you’ve done enough, that you can’t push your mind or body any further.

Who’s going to stop you? Who’s going to tell you’re wrong? Most people, even the people that love you, won’t push you to the extremes. The extremes are where our fears don’t live. The extremes get every ounce of what we have to give.

People often say there’s nothing worse than failure but I believe they’re forgetting one fundamental aspect of life. Not trying or giving up is far more mentally and spiritually destructive then failure. Giving your all and realizing your best wasn’t good enough may feel like failure but it isn’t because there’s fulfillment in that feeling. That feeling of knowing you have nothing left to give. It’s not emptiness, it’s completion.

Don’t allow fear to paralyze you.

We all have a destiny and to ignore that destiny is to ignore the greatness inside of you! Push yourself to the limits, take risk professionally, mentally, socially.

Have you ever heard a man say, “I married over my head?” Or have you ever looked at a couple and without thinking or ill intent asked yourself, “How did he get her?” You can conquer the world when you let that fear go, when you embrace the self confidence we all have inside of us. That man has her because he wanted her!

Choose a goal and embrace the challenge!

Meet that goal and aim higher!
Meet that goal and aim even higher!

Don’t let your mind imprison you for over thinking has ruined great men and women.

Good Morning


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Mind Imprison You

  1. Thank you for this inspiration. Sometimes, I have to remind myself no to do this. Sometimes we are our worst enemies

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