The Language of Tears

The Language of Tears

They say eyes are the windows to our soul

How does our soul speak? With tears


We cry when we’re happy, when we’re sad

We cry when the rush of orgasms flood our senses

We cry when the pain of a cut is unbearable  


They say it’s unmanly to cry but I feel it’s the opposite

It’s unmanly to hold tears hostage

How can you truly enjoy the pleasure, the pain, the passion if you

Never cry?


Tears of love

Tears of fear

Tears of passion


Watching her pack a bag, knowing she’ll never cum at my touch again

Lying on the couch and feeling a hair clip she left behind

Taking a shower and seeing her soap

The tears mingling flooding my eyes, cleansing my soul


Not knowing if he’ll live throughout the night

My family crying and nervous

My tears aren’t out of fear

My tears aren’t out of hurt

The tears that flowed from my eyes were that of relief

Relief that he will be in pain no more.


Playing in her hair, the panties fitting her like a glove

Kissing her neck, my hands finding nirvana

With a flick of my tongue she shivers, the tears fall


~ Demez F. White

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