Bed Rest, Faith and GoosBumps…

“I’ve never been more afraid in my life, I’m bored, I’m horny, I’ve been sitting here every day thinking about what I did to put our child in this position. We’re good people, why did God do this to us.” I got back in the bed and let her lay her head on my chest. “He hasn’t done anything to us yet babe, three more months and he’ll be here and all this will seem like such a funny story.” She hugged me tighter and cried harder.

a bellyShe was giggling, goosbumps on her soft skin, the blindfold was on her face but I had a sneaky suspicion she could see since I didn’t tie it too tight. I ran the feather down the small of her back, then on the back of her thighs. She took the blindfold off and repositioned herself in the bed. The doctor’s orders were pretty strict, try not to lie on your stomach, it’s probably not going to be comfortable to lie on your back so stay on your side.

We were healthy, happy, successful so when the doctor told her she’d have to go on bed rest at six months or risk losing the baby it was something neither one of us was prepared for. She cried for three days straight, I didn’t shed a tear. How could I? I was a man, her husband, my job was to be strong…

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