Voices In the Darkness

Voices In the Darkness

At times no matter how hard I try and ignore them the voices never go away.

In my dreams, in my nightmares, they wake me out of my sleep and terrorize me. Pulling me astray.

You’re all alone they say, you’re no good they say, why are you even here? Alcohol stops them at times but they don’t go away.

Anger gives way to solitude, solitude gives way to sadness, sadness gives way to hopelessness. No matter how hard I pray or ignore them in my heart I know the voices will eventually take me into their darkness.

Most of my life has been spent alone. Even in a room full of family and friends, there’s no one. With women on top of me, soothing me, still alone. Just me and the voices.

My phone rarely rings anymore. Text are few and in between. All that is left is my writing and I fear I’m slowly losing that with the lose of my desires, my dreams.

I’ll keep fighting the voices. I’ll keep remembering all that’s good within me but my fear is that my destiny walks hand in hand with my destruction.

~ Demez F. White


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