May I Have This Dance?

first dance ring I’d like to watch you dance in the middle of the room with every one watching.
Your smile and energy making every woman envious that she’s not you and every
Man jealous that he’s not me.

Your hips moving, your eyes making love to me, enticing me, teasing me.
Me trying not to smile, trying to be serious but your spirit sucking me in.
Biting your lips, licking your tongue out at me, your body so in sync with the music
That I can’t help but think this song was created just for you.

Walking across the dance floor, sweaty bodies in my way, drunken laughter in my ears.
I watch you turn away man after man, woman after woman, your essence addictive.
My hands on your hips, your hands around my neck, whispering to me.

Your whispers pull me closer. The moment pulls me closer. You tell me what my cologne is doing to you.
You tell me what dancing for me is doing to you. We’re not moving with the music anymore.

Our bodies have their own rhythm. No one is in this room but you and I. No one matters but you and I.

~ Demez F. White

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