Selective. Exclusive. Not For the Masses

perfect Let me give you all a public service announcement. Men and women are held to different standards. Call it double standards, call it unfair, call it what you want but call it the truth. Women will settle down with men that are known hoes; it happens every day. We look at a man that slept with half of Houston and say, “I can’t believe he changed for her, that’s love.” We look at a woman that’s sleeping around with half of Houston and say, “I can’t believe he’s marrying a hoe.”

I don’t want a virgin, I’m not saying a want a woman that’s never dated or that only dates one guy at a time. I’m just saying the idea that any man can have or has had the woman you’re feeling is scary.

Every guy with a debit card and car shouldn’t be able to take you out. There should be moments when you say, “No.” I get flirting but when it goes to that point where everyone can have a chance, then is it even worth it?

Being a woman that has standards is sexy. When you walk into the room and no one there has been out with her but you know guys have tried, you feel like, “I won a prize, I won the prize.” But when you walk into a room and she’s been on a date with half the men in there or she’s slept with 1/4th of them. That’s not what’s up.

Demez F. White

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