I’m No Good Without You…

“I don’t want to see your face! I can’t look at you, you broke me, you took my spirit! I l love you… you stupid man… YOU STUPID STUPID STUPID MAN!” She turned over and placed her ass in the air in front of me. I pushed my way inside of her, she was tight, two weeks was an eternity! I didn’t start slow, I went hard, I pulled her tank top while I tried to give her every fucking inch! She just took it, she didn’t moan, she didn’t push it back to meet me, she just let me have my way with her… And I couldn’t… I couldn’t…


I knew she was leaving and never coming back. Everything in this house was mine, the televisions and plates, the forks and spoons. All she had was a closet full of clothes and shoes. All her things were in storage or being borrowed by her girlfriends. Before she showed up, before she blew into my life my house was just a house… She made this shit a home and now it was going to be a house again. We’d had our all night arguments, our cries and fights; those moments were long over

She was tired, tired of the gambling, the drinking, the arrogance to think I could fuck whoever and she would still be here in the morning. Even with her packing her things calmly and neatly, with me listening to her breath hard and watching a boxing match on mute. I can’t tell you why I cheated on…

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