I Pray For You… ‘Selfless Content’

I know I don’t come to you as much as I should and you know my heart… I’m not coming to you this morning for myself; you’ve blessed me more than I could ever ask. I’m here on this day to ask that you give my friend clarity and guidance, that you protect her and bring her happiness. That you give her the life she deserves! You know the love I have in my heart but I would happily give her up if that means she’ll have a genuine smile. I know you’re a powerful God, a jealous God… but more than that you’re a merciful God!!! And I need you to have mercy on her! I need you to lift her spirits and allow her to be the woman we both know she’s destined to be. I’m sure billions of people pray to you every day and night asking you for riches, cures to cancer, peace of mind… I don’t want any of that for myself, I’ll sacrifice whatever you need me to; just give her the life she deserves. I know I’m in no position to make deals with a man of your caliber but if you do this I’ll spend my life honoring you. I’ll spend my life being a better man…


I couldn’t sleep, it was three in the morning and I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about her. We stopped being lovers a long time ago, she’d become more than that, she’d become my friend. The last time I talked to her she was up stressing and praying, I could hear it in her voice without her saying a word about it to me. She was trying to protect me more than lie to me, she knew in her heart if he ever hurt her I would hurt him.

I had no idea what her attraction to him was and I’d stop asking a long time ago, it wasn’t my place to judge. I’d loved and chased after my fair share of women that didn’t deserve me and I’d also been on the other end of the stick. Treating women like shit that deserved so much better, in most…

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