A Wednesday Love Letter

Your voice is a melody that makes my heart beat as though I’m on a stage begging for my life. The desire I feel for you gives me strength and courage to be great!

Because you deserve great. You deserve the world and on the life of the son you’ll give me one day I promise to give you that world!

All those other men were practice for me. I love you even though you’re not mine and in time I’ll be in love with you!

Be safe and know I’m coming for you.


Dear You,

Not much is getting done at work today due to this rain so I’ve decided to write. I think you’re beautiful in every way a man can and should be attracted to a woman.

Your style, your hair, your intellect and smile all have a way of dragging me in deeper and deeper until I’m afraid there will be no viable alternative.

I have a way with words, I have my entire life but when it comes to you I find myself pausing, googling and listening to music just to find a breath of an idea to compare to you.

Talking to women is the easiest and most natural thing in the world to me. I notice every detail and cater each word of every compliment to fit her. Getting a smile or hearing a laugh is almost as rewarding as selling a book or having sex at…

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