Waiting on Perfect…

She’s the perfect woman because her smile turns lives around. People can’t help but to see her and realize that life isn’t so bad after all, that whatever is hurting or stressing or missing can only get better. Her smile makes me feel like I could write a 1000 bestsellers all before breakfast! Her smile turns me on to the point where I could make love to her on a loveseat in the middle of Toyota Center and not care who is watching.


FB-Ring.jpgI believe in love at first sight.

I believe in lust at first sight.

For me they aren’t mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand and for that reason and that reason alone I knew she was the perfect woman from the moment I saw her in my mind. I think it’s selfish to ask God for my desires when I have so much, I’ve always felt that way. He still knows my mind, knows my heart. When he created her, I’m positive he did it for the sole purpose of making me one of the happiest men on this earth.

She’s the perfect woman because she wears her flaws like a badge of honor. She’s not insecure about those imperfections or worried what people will think, she knows what they think and she embraces it! Encourages it! It’s better to know and use their hate against them than to…

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