If I Had You For 24 Hours

If I had you for one day we’d go grocery shopping. You can push the basket, I’d hug you from behind. Kiss you in the back of your neck. We’d argue over the white peaches or colorful peaches.

If I had you for 24hrs we’d spend half of those hours in bed or on the couch just talking. Reminiscing, flirting. I like cooking so I’d cook you French toast, watch you eat in one of my shirts. Your thighs teasing me. Me welcoming the tease.

If I had you for 24 hours I’d take you to the park, to the mall, out to eat. We’d laugh and touch each other in the most subtle ways possible. It would simply be about spending time with you.

If I had a day I’d introduce you to my grandmother. I’d hug you and smile at you and love you.

– Demez20140723-113310.jpg

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