It’s Never A Bad Time to Squeeze It

20140724-110321.jpg There are three types of hugs women give. You have the church hug/ don’t get the wrong impression hug which is reserved for associates, creepy uncles and guy friends that will never see her naked.

You have the “I haven’t seen you in forever hug” which is for family, friends and guys that have seen her naked but probably won’t again.

Lastly you have the, “It’s yours baby” hugs which are pelvis to pelvis, chest to chest, lips on neck. If only people weren’t looking hugs. The ones usually reserved for that one man whose text get answered in 2.5 seconds.

Some women are just hug sluts, don’t let them fool you into thinking anything is going to come from their body to body interaction. They either get off on having you believe you have a chance or they’re just comfortable hugging.

Good hugs, good kisses and a good ass grab go together like whiskey, cigars and Godiva. They usually take place up against a door, up against a vehicle or if you’re a lumberjack or jogger up against a tree. Maxi dresses, sun dresses, tights, boy shorts; they all maximize the experience.

Appreciate them when you get them because it’s rare you’ll meet a woman that has a perfectly grab friendly ass, is a good kisser and has that hunger that gets right to the edge of self control.

Who doesn’t love a good hug.

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