Sex Isn’t Underrated… Sex With the Wrong Person Is Overrated

You can’t duplicate great chemistry. You can’t replace the feeling of a naked body moist and sweaty under you. That feeling is one that makes us do dumb things, it makes us meet places we shouldn’t meet, crave people we shouldn’t crave. It’s not real though, it’s our bodies speaking a language our hearts will never understand or agree with. Sex is meant to be guiltless so when you feel that guilt just know it can’t be real.

betterI’ve never gotten to know my father. I have 13 or 14 brothers and sisters out there I’ll never really know even if I started to track them down today. I imagine each and every one of them came from lust, including myself. They came from moments of pleasure that have left them feeling alone, abandoned, sad at times. I never want to be that man that does that to a child.

Having sex with the wrong person can change your life and not for the better.

Is it hard?

Literally and figuratively but for my sanity and for me to grow up as a man it’s what I need to do. There are mornings like today that I can’t even sleep because the company of a woman is all I can think about. Those moments pass though and I know the temporary pleasure isn’t worth the feeling of guilt…

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