That Awkward Moment When You Know You’re Falling In Love

Some guy comments on her pictures and you look at his profile wondering who he is, wondering if she knows him. Wondering if he text her or says funny things to her. Wondering if you can beat him up or if she bites her lip and smiles for him like she does with you. You refuse to admit you’re jealous but it’s not really jealousy. It’s self preservation because you’re at a point now that without her, you just won’t make it.

a park bench That Awkward Moment When You Know You’re Falling In Love

1. You’re at work or wake up in the middle of the night and you just want to send an “I miss you” text.
2. She tells you she doesn’t feel good and all you can think about is ways to heal her, make her smile, make her feel better. Chicken soup out the can in pretty tupperware; orange juice with no pulp and a dash of whiskey even though you aren’t even sure it’ll work.
3. You get upset when she tells you, “I was thinking about coming by but I didn’t.” You just want to see her. Want to have her under you, want to her that door shut and her coming up the porch to the front door. Knowing if she’s not with you there’s the possibility she can be with someone else.
4. Caring about the…

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