Sensuality: Kisses Cuddling and Sundays

That moment when she lays her head on your lap and just falls asleep or that moment when you rub her stomach or her ass and she just closes her eyes. That’s sensuality because you both know the moment isn’t going to end with hot sex or super four play but it doesn’t matter because you have no intentions of going anywhere.

I often write about sex when I write stories. Sex is universal, it makes sense on a lot of levels to a lot of people but tonight I don’t want to write a story and I don’t want to write about sex, I want to write about sensuality and why that means so much more than sex.

Listening to the radio the other day they had some local rapper on there joking about ‘Sex is better than love,’ And I get why people feel that way but I don’t think they get the point of why love is better than sex and in this case why sensuality is better than sex.

Sensuality isn’t just those sensual moments where you lock eyes after a date or kiss her on the neck from behind. I mean, those are the moments that get the attention, that we remember when times are bad and…

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