One Man’s Missed Opportunity Is Another Man’s Gift

What you want do another man will? That’s one of the more popular articles I’ve written. There’s another side to that story though, there are a lot of men with women they only have because the man she wanted and probably still wants wouldn’t act right.

There are a lot of men right now that are i

Wear my shirt so I know it's real.

Wear my shirt so I know it’s real.

n relationships with top 10% type women simply because they’re acting right. Women that are beautiful, funny, smart, ambitious, sexy, fashionable. Women that other men dream of and other women envy. Two, three years ago she would have never looked at him but because the man she was in love with wasn’t acting right she got tired and gave some guy a chance.

Ask a woman about the man she loved the hardest, the one she cried over and helped pay bills and would do anything in the world for. Rarely is she still with that guy because those guys never grow up, they never step up and accept responsibility. Let me not say never but rarely. They may grow a beard and wear better clothes and cologne but they still have those same habits that cause heartbreak and sleepless nights. Women get tired of that and they’re willing to sacrifice certain things for respect, honesty, sincerity and knowing a man is who he says he is.

Being passionate is great but rarely does life take place in the extremes and passion is an extreme. The older we get the more we crave consistency, thoughtfulness. We laugh and smile at the sex in parking lots and the spending bill money on trips when we’re young but as we grow so does the nature of what makes us happy.

For some reason there are men and women that get pleasure out of using terms like, “You can have my leftovers” or “I went out with her a couple years ago.” Implying since they had that person first it means something. What most of those people don’t want to mention is that they usually called, text’d, begged to try and get them back and once none of that worked they simply resorted to slander. We don’t believe you and even if we did why does it matter?

Saying you had someone first is nothing to brag about. You can’t be over the age of 23 and not have been with someone in your life on a physical or emotional level. Whenever I see a guy bragging that he “hit” a chick in 2006 or a woman who just has to tell her friend that a guy “tried to talk to her” in 2010 I’m wondering their motivation? You know what’s really sexy, what’s really cool, moving on. Leaving the past in the past. I’m pretty sure when I get married there will be men that have seen my wife naked, as long as they aren’t currently seeing her naked. Enjoy the memories, I have the real thing.

~ Demez F. White

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