Where Are You When I Need You?

20140822-233539.jpg Where Are You When I Need You?

Dear Future Wife,

I’ve never been afraid to start over. I’ve never been reluctant to cut all ties and start from scratch. It always hurts in the beginning, the isolation, the loneliness but over time you gain back what you lost.

The thing is though I’m tired of starting over. I don’t want to do it anymore. It gets harder and harder to bounce back from the disappointments.

You need to be here. Like right here, right now. Sitting in the couch with me, your head on my shoulder. Watching Netflix, snoring lightly while I alternate from looking at you and looking at the television. You need to be here because I need you.

I’m not comfortable saying that by the way, I’m not comfortable saying I need anyone. Someone I trusted, really trusted, lied to me. It made me realize just how alone I am in this world.

Show up at my door with Chinese and whiskey and cute sweats. Tell me you love me and you just want to be here for me. I need to hear that right now.

~ Demez F. White

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