What Are You Doing to Me?

I put my head against her chest to hear her heart beat. I put my lips on her nipple and bit down with my lips. She rode my hardness with my sweats still on, I hugged her tighter. “Pull it out, please.” She whispered in my ear. She sat down slowly, we were both sore and tender but the pleasure was worth the pain.


“She needs rest, last night, this morning. After work, I could barely get my run in.”

We were sitting in my truck, my hand in between her legs, her feet on the dashboard. The redbox movies next to her small feet, the two bags of groceries on the floor.

“You’re telling me she needs to rest, what about him? You’ve drained him and you’re the one that took off your panties and placed my hand inside.”

She laughed and looked at me. My fingers weren’t moving at the pace they usually moved. Not tonight. There was just a comfort in touching her, the same way she slept under me is the same way her wetness gave me peace of mind.

Moving my hand she sat up on her knees and pulled her dress over her head. Her panties were hanging on my rear view mirror and her bra was MIA…

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