4 Things A Woman That Loves You Will Never Ask You to Do

IMG_0167-0.JPG I often write from a viewpoint that speaks on how men should treat and approach women. Today is a little different.

A woman naturally loves harder than a man. Maybe it’s that maternal instinct but when a woman truly loves you she loves with a deepness and seriousness that’s almost unmatched by any other person.

Four- When a woman really loves you she’ll never ask you to settle. She’ll never allow you to give up on yourself. That’s what’s so amazing about women, when they’re invested in you. When their love runs so deep; they see the best in us even when we can’t see it in ourselves. A woman that loves you will pray with you, cry with you, work with you and most importantly, she won’t give up on you. Not unless you take that love for granted.

Three- A woman that loves you won’t put you in a position where she’s challenging your manhood. I’ve written this before but it’s worth repeating. If you show a woman that you’re worth following; she has no problem with you leading. Women adore strong men, men that are focused and responsible and strong. Not just physically but able to be that emotional rock if she needs it. When a woman loves you she won’t ask to wear the pants because she knows you got it.

Two- A woman that loves you isn’t going to put you in a position to hurt yourself. Because you hurting is her hurting. If she knows you’re having some money struggles she won’t ask you to spend money. If she knows your health isn’t right she isn’t going to feed you greasy food. She won’t ask you to hurt yourself.

One- When a woman loves you she’s not going to ask you to stay away from her. Even if it’s coffee for ten minutes at the Starbucks by her job that time matters. Even if she’s mad at you, she’ll rather have you in the other room not talking then to be away from you.

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