Nasty and Loyal: Raw Attraction That Inspires Greatness

It’s intimacy, it’s touching her without having to touch her. It’s reading her mind and not knowing the details but knowing whether she’s happy, sad, wet, angry, hurting or just feeling playful. It’s those moments when you know that she’s the one. Not when you’re inside of her or when you call and she doesn’t pick up. It’s the moments where intimacy rises above our beings

Saturday Nights Saturday Nights

I used to write about sex often but I’ve slowed that over the past couple of years. No specific reason, I just wanted to become a better writer, become a more diverse writer. That doesn’t mean that sex doesn’t cross my mind, that nights like this I don’t lie on the couch and wish there were a warm pair of thighs straddling me. I’ve just learned to appreciate quality over quantity. To wait for my time and not rush.

Saying all that; these are the nasty things I miss about having a girlfriend. Some of these will be a tad bit explicit so if that’s not your thing I suggest you stop reading now. I’ve often written this but I haven’t had to say it in awhile. I’m a man that writes for adults with adult experiences and adult emotions. Being nasty, having erotic and carnal thoughts are…

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